About Us

We create uncompromised fashion for #coconutbabes everywhere. 

You know, pieces that turn heads and turn you into confident, glamorous beauties, ready to own the room - wherever that happens to be. That’s Coconut Anonymous.

Our line is inspired by our lives. The parties, the brunches, the hot summer nights, and making sure wherever we go, we’re dressed like goddesses. 

Our goal is to bring out the glamour in every #coconutbabe, making sure she’s spotlight ready.

It’s not just a way of dressing, it’s a way of life. 

Be unpredictable. Be eye-catching, and be ready to strut your stuff at all times.



A coconut babe is fearless and independent, a creative free spirit who doesn’t need approval from anyone or anything. She is who she is and doesn’t apologise for it.

A coconut babe is all about total freedom, intense beauty, and a desire to express herself however she chooses.

You can love her or hate her, but one thing you can’t do is ignore her.

You know who you are #coconutbabe.